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    Shanghai Richtech Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai RICHTECH Engineering Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 832547; “RICHTECH” for short) is an international engineering service company featured by diversified business models and engaged in clean energy and marine economy at the middle and upper streams of energy industry and a pioneer in strategic emerging industries of China.

    Founded in 2003

    RICHTECH, founded in Houston in 2003, the USA, based in Shanghai, China, has branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Qingdao and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in counties and regions including the USA, Singapore, Burma and Hongkong. In the past decade, the Company, by virtue of reliable engineering capacity and rich experiences in engineering projects, has provided global energy firms, oil and gas operators and engineering companies at home and abroad with engineering consultation, engineering design, project management, procurement management, EPCM and modular EPC services in the fields of oil and gas as well as marine engineering. The business of the Company covers China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, West Africa, Australia, Gulf of Mexico, Russia, etc.

    Value Proposition

    Responsibility Communication Forging ahead


    Technology makes wealth while
    wealth boosts technology


    Realize customer value and achieve employee dreams
    1 / 1
    Company Qualification

    Enterprise Honor

    In addition to its fruitful achievements in terms of technical accumulation, performance and experiences, RICHTECH receives considerable honors and awards in the last decade. It obtains rewards and affirmation from owners and customers, media and national scientific research institutes for its outstanding project execution, scientific innovation, leading talents and operation.

    Richtech News

    Provide complete engineering solutions for China's marine industry and global oil and gas customers


    Richtech Partner

    Provide complete engineering solutions for China's marine industry and global oil and gas customers

    Contact us(Monday-Friday,9:00 - 20:00)



    Address:Room 704-706, Building L4, Building 439, 1588, Zhuguang Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

    上海利策科技股份有限公司    沪ICP备12015523号-2 ? 2016 RICHTECH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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